Alpha YaYa Diallo & Naby Camara (Guinea), Kofi Ackah (Ghana)
Donne Roberts & Madagascar Slim (Madagascar)

After many years of perfecting their own blend of African sound, this star-studded collective from Canada has received international acclaim for their creative musical and vocal magic. Intersections of traditional and contemporary, East and West Africa, this two-time Juno Award winning group includes: from Guinea – Alpha YaYa Diallo; from Madagascar, the quicksilver guitars and harmonies of Donne Roberts and Madagascar Slim; drummer Kofi Ackah from Ghana; and Naby Camara from Guinea on electric bass and balafon. Come hear why they were awarded Canada’s best ‘World Music Album of the Year’.

While the Toronto Star praised Madascar Slim for his “unique playing style,” Roots World wrote, “(Slim’s) wave-like style builds slowly into a crescendo, allowing the music to capture other sounds along the way — there is blues, reggae, R&B crossover and bits and pieces from eastern and southern Africa.”

Donne Roberts‘ Malagasy Soul approach starts with Malagasy’s salegy, then blends Central African bass lines and Stevie Ray Vaughn guitar strokes into a unique blend“.

“Diallo writes and plays intoxicating music steeped in the rhythms of his homeland. He performs in French, English and his native Guinean languages of Fulani, Malinke, and Sosoxi”.



The rhythms, modes and sound textures that make African guitar styles so satisfying are fragile. The African Guitar Summit play at this exciting and dangerous edge making a powerful case for the guitar as the signature instrument of modern Africa.
— N.P.R.


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