Founded in 1985, the Ambassadors Council was named in honor of the late Ambassador James Day Hodgson and the late Ambassador Nobuhiko Ushiba, who were very instrumental in the building of Japanese American Cultural & Community Center. The council consisted of top corporate executives and community leaders and served as a forum for informal communication among the key leaders of the Japanese American corporations and the Japanese American community in Los Angeles. Today we continue to honor the leadership of these two late Ambassadors by recognizing our top supporters.

Calvin Abe
Akiko Agishi
Doug Aihara
Linda Aratani
Suzanne Boda, American Airlines
Kazuko Doizaki
Ernest & Kiyo Doizaki
Jeff Folick
Raymond T. Fujii

Meloni Hallock
Bette Hiramatsu
Carol Ito-Sakamoto
Gary Kawaguchi
Tim R. Manaka
Nancy Matsui, American Airlines
Kenichiro Mizoguchi, Hitachi Ltd. Corporate Office L.A.
Alan Nishio

Ronald Ohata
Richard Okumoto
Henry Ota, Esq.
Thomas M. Priselac
Dennis & Joani Sugino
Randall & Mari Tamura
David Teragawa
Sandra Toshiyuki
Toshizo & Hidemi Watanabe

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