Image credit:  Angela Oh

Image credit: Angela Oh

by Angela Oh


It is not easy to say the answer to this question of “What is Enduring?”.

That which is sacred,  and that which is “felt”.

The thing that is not a thing, endures.  And it endures in our hearts and in the way we care for one another.  

It’s not in memories, as memories fade.  It’s not in objects, as these can so easily be destroyed in so many unexpected ways.  And it’s not in copying the rituals of the ancients, as time changes all things - including the way rituals are carried out.  

That which is enduring is original.  You know what is original because of what you cannot see, feel, touch, taste or hear it.  A deep intuitive knowing reveals that which endures through all of space/time.  

Among human beings:  Love?  Kindness? Compassion?

Image credit:  Angela Oh

Image credit: Angela Oh


Angela Oh is a mediator who helps resolve claims of discrimination in the workplace, housing, public services/accommodations. Her work also involves claims of hate crimes based on protected class status. She is also a student of Zen and trains at Daihonzan Chozen-ji in the Kalihi Valley on the island of Oahu. Her interest is to promote peace through sharing of tea, food, and meditation.