Hinamatsuri (Girl's Day)

SunDAY, MARCH 3, 2019
11 AM – 4 PM

Workshops and Craft Fair


Hinamatsuri Onigiri Bento Workshop with Table For Two USA
Learn to make fun, cute and tasty Hinamatsuri theme Onigiri (Rice ball) bento! 

Finding the funny: A comedy/storytelling workshop with Atsuko Okatsuka
What does it mean to find levity in tragic situations? Time may heal, but can it help you laugh again?

Craft fair:

Free Hinamatsuri Craft Fair will be in the Toshizo Watanabe Exhibtion Center and will feature:

Ponsu Creations

Angry Little Girls

Tamiko Creations

Loryce Hashimoto

Dorothy Miyake

More to come!

Hinamatsuri is supported in part by:

Employees Community Fund of Boeing California