• 244 S. San Pedro Street
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90012
  • United States

Viewing Los Angeles as a centrifugal force in the heartland where arts, commerce, culture, language and people thrives.

The city of Los Angeles is a destination along the contemporary Silk Road, a road that has been never ended, but has continued from Marco Polo’s original route-Punjab to Seville, Chan-an to Nara, and now to Los Angeles. The route of commerce, language and art intermingles as they journey down this path.

Sharing the common thread of Islamic art, Buddhist art, and Christian art , the calligraphers work becomes enhanced by simultaneously finding and embracing multiple disciplines. Their vision will connect in a seamless continuum, blurring the intersection of duality between tradition and modernity.

This is exhibit is presented in conjunction with the LA/Islam Arts Initiative.


"WAY OF INK AND BRUSH" press release
DCA's LA Islam Arts Initiative press release