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The sacred land of Ise...

2,000 years ago, Amaterasu, the deity of the sun, chose this sacred ground as her home and a great establishment for worship was erected. Over 1,500 ceremonies take place here every year to offer prayers to the well being of the nation of Japan and her people. All of the food offered during these ceremonies, from the rice and vegetables to the salt, are produced in Ise and carefully prepared by hand to place before a higher power.  It is a timeless place, ceremonially rebuilt every 20 years using methods preserved since antiquity. This tradition of ceaseless renewal has continued for 1,300 years and endures to this day.

Sanjiro Minamikawa Bio

Born in Mie, Japan. Representative works include "100 artist in their atelier, 100", photographs of the art masters of the later 20th century and their studios, including Joan Miro, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, and de Chirico, and photographing European and American mystery writers such as Ed McBain, Graham Greene, Frederick Forsyth and Michael Crichton in their study.

Photography permission was allowed for the first time to a non-French foreigner during "Chateau de Versailles", which photographed all aspects of the world heritage Versailles Palace.

For the past few years, he has been engaged with [The 62nd Shinto-shrine transfer of the deity].