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Professional photographers from Japan, Takashi Nakada and Shinji Imoto, and from Brazil, Kaoru Higuchi gathered at Kimura Photomart in 1977 to form the U.S. 101 Photo Club. Their goal was to create images that would be useful to the Little Tokyo and Nikkei communities and preserve legacies for all time.

The club was founded October 1, 1979 (10-1) and became the U.S. 101Photo Club. Since its inception, the club has had annual photo exhibitions and will be celebrating its 36th anniversary this year.

The club has 15 members, and each member constantly strives to polish technique and understanding of the art of photography.

As part of its vision, in 1992 U.S. 101 Photo Club began annual photo sessions with the Nisei Week Queen and Court, and soon after, the Pioneer awardee portraits for the Nisei Week Japanese Festival.