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Next up in our fermentation series! Kimchi has made itself a go-to ingredient in Japanese home cooking, added to dishes including okonomiyaki, takoyaki, nabe, and so on. We've enjoyed it many times as a staple in Korean cooking and of course on tacos, and even pizza!

Learn to make your own garlicky, spicy (and pungent!) kimchi in this culinary demonstration with Hae Jung Cho of the Institute of Domestic Technology. 

There are literally hundreds of kimchi-making styles, but in this demonstration, we'll be making what's known as "poggi kimchi." The word poggi means "stuffed." Whole heads of nappa cabbage are cut into quarters and brined in salt water. Then daikon radish is shredded and used to "stuff" the cabbage along with an herb, garlic and chili seasoning paste called sok. The cabbage mixture is then packed into jars or crocks and left to ferment. The incredibly delicious result will knock your socks off!

Instructor: Hae Jung Cho is an instructor at the Institute of Domestic Technology and resident kimchi authority.

Killer Kimchi is a collaboration between the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center and the Institute of Domestic Technology.