Shoshi Watanabe is a Los Angeles based artist. Originally from Tokyo, he spent part of his youth in Moscow, Russia before relocating to LA. He works primarily in the medium of ceramics, and has shown in art galleries as well as doing custom work for restaurants and interior design. He also works as the Ceramics Laboratory Supervisor at UCLA.

His love for food and interest in food culture has developed into relationships with chefs, and this is one realization of a collaborative event with Chef David from Shibumi. He has worked with chefs such as Kan Morieda, Shohei Yasuda (restaurant kabi Tokyo), Joji Inoue, Akira (Konbi), and Brandon Kida (hinoki and the bird). Through his experiences working with chefs, he has taken an interest in exploring the crossover between the culinary arts and visual arts through the medium of ceramics. In this event, the experience includes sandos by chef David along with beverages in Shoshi’s cups and a display of ceramics, in an attempt to provide a more relaxing environment than a restaurant or gallery setting to view and taste both the culinary and visual arts.

Website: shoshiwatanabe.net
Instagram: instagram.com/shoshiwatanabe