ARC International
Room: 402, 403
Description: School placement, Guardianship, Student academic support in nationwide USA for the Japanese students.
Contact: Chiey Nomura, Director/CEO
(213) 620-0696

Asahi Gakuen
Room: 305, 307, 308, 309
Description: Administrative offices of Los Angeles Japanese school
Contact: Etsuko Iwai
(213) 613-1325

Asia Society, Southern California
Room: 201
Contact: Jonathan Karp, Exec. Director
(213) 219-1697

Asian Pacific Women's Center
Room: 504
Contact: Kristina Rim
(213) 250-2977

Asians For Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M)
Room: 503
Description: Mission is to improve the health and welfare of all people providing education, assistance and facilitating prompt access to potential marrow and blood cell donors.
Contact: Shin Ito, Director
(888) 236-4673 (A3M-HOPE)

California Community Economic Development Association (CCEDA)
Room: 412
Description: Membership comprised of organizations actively engaged in revitalizing California neighborhoods.
Contact: Ralph Lippman, Executive Director
(213) 625-0105

Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI)
Room: 401
Description: Entrepreneurial classes for artists, national marketing and benefit programs.
Contact: Angie Kim, Interim President & CEO
(213) 687-8577

Consulate General of Japan
Room: B1
Description: Visa processing for Japanese citizens by appointment only.
Contact: Toshio Honda, President
(213) 617-6700

FIA Insurance Services
Room: 200
Description: A local insurance agency, servicing the community since 1946, that offers auto, home, business, life & health insurance quotes. 
Contact: Jim Matsushita
Executive Vice President
(626) 795-7059

Fujima Kansuma Kai
Room: 407
Description: Japanese classical dance instruction
Contact: Fujima Kansuma, Fujima school
(310) 474-6061, (323) 731-4378

Japanese American Citizens League - Pacific Southwest District
Room: 507
Description: Advocating for civil rights and a vibrant community (economically, socially and culturally) through empowerment and activism for Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and other marginalized communities.
Contact: Stephanie Nitahara
(213) 626-4471

The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles
Room: 409
Description: Japanese Language Courses "JF Nihongo"
(213) 621-2267

Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Southern California
Room: 410
Description: An association of Japanese businesses
(213) 626-3067

Japanese Community Pioneer Center
Room: 301, 310, 311
Description: Services & Cultural classes for Japanese speaking seniors
(213) 680-1656

Kizuna - Uniting Nikkei for the Future
Room: 306
Description: Empowering the next generation of Nikkei leadership in our community
Contact: Craig Ishii
(213) 973-4465

Little Tokyo Nutrition Service (Koreisha Chusoku Kai)
Room: 408
Description: Provides senior nutrition program (lunch service)
Contact: Setsuko Yamaka
(213) 680-9173 or (213) 680-9177

Nisei Week Foundation
Room: 303
Description: The organization behind the largest Japanese festival located in Little Tokyo.
Contact: Joyce Chinn
(213) 687-7193

NorthSouth GIS, LLC
Room: 202
Description: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integrator that designs and deploys GIS systems, integrates them with other client systems, populates them with data, devises processes, and trains personnel, all with a focus on the long-term sustainability of its deployments.
Contact: Ian Isaacs, Chief Operating Officer
(800) 866-5013

Oh-Fuji School
Room: 501, 505
Description:Teaching various levels of learning the Japanese language. 
Contact: Ayumi Furiya
(213) 788-3305

The Industry, LA
Room: 304
Description: Experimental, contemporary opera production company
Contact: Elizabeth Cline, Exec. Director
(323) 719-5280

Wakayagi Dance Studio
Room: B2
Description: Japanese classical dance instruction
Contact: Mr. Watanabe, Wakayagi School
(323) 257-5412

Young Musicians Foundation
Room: 506
Description: A networking group designed to unite emerging young musicians, composers, and music industry in Los Angeles.
Contact: Julia Gaskill
(213) 617-7707