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Our Approach

The Toshizo Watanabe Culinary Cultural Center (TWCCC) will not just preserve culture within the Japanese American community, it will extend our reach to a broader U.S. market, JACCC’s definition of arts and culture, and will create a new niche in the culinary industry. To accomplish this, the TWCCC will offer a variety of programs and events that will educate and nurture an appreciation of culinary arts from and inspired by Japan.

This includes an Exclusive Guest Chef Program, where chefs from all over the world will be invited to showcase their inspiring talents, unique techniques, and delicious recipes for limited engagements at the TWCCC.


Through the philosophy of omotenashi, an open and unpretentious art of heartfelt hospitality and promoting the influential art of Japanese cuisine, JACCC’s Toshizo Watanabe Culinary Cultural Center will establish itself as an exceptional leader in Japanese culinary arts.




Complementing the tranquility of the Japanese garden, the upgraded interior design will reflect a contemporary Japanese design that can be used in a variety of different sizes and for diverse occasions.


The TWCCC will provide the perfect venue to showcase Japanese culture through its design, class and event offerings, and mission to connect people through culinary traditions.


What's New

The TWCCC will allow us to expand the class offerings and frequency of classes. Participants will be able to learn culinary techniques from professionals, try their hand at the latest culinary equipment and tantalize their taste buds with the most unique flavors and textures of Japanese and fusion cuisine. Cooking classes and demonstrations will expose audiences to culinary arts rooted in Japanese and Japanese American culture.

From weddings to cooking showcases featuring renowned chefs, the 3,900 square foot Banquet Room will easily host up to 210 guests as a traditional dining room for intimate events and gatherings.


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Since 2014, JACCC has hosted over 55 culinary arts programs, demonstrations, tastings, hands-on workshops, and guest chef events, engaging 1,600 people ranging in age from 2 to 93 years old.



Guest chef events featuring Los Angeles’ most acclaimed chefs Nobu Matsuhisa, Joachim Splichal, Yutaka Shima, Joji Inoue, Ray Garcia, Josiah Citrin, Andreas Roller, and Frania Mendivil


Free children’s workshops at Hinamatsuri, Fiesta Matsuri, and Children’s Oshogatsu Workshop


Educational sake and whisky programs with partners Suntory Holdings Ltd., Mutual Trading Co., Inc., and Sake School of America


Hands-on workshops featuring soba, miso, tsukemono, knife sharpening, and manju with instructors Sonoko Sakai, Yoko Maeda Lamn, and Brian Kito. See all Culinary Arts Programs here.


Supporting the Twccc

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The lead $2,000,000 gift from Toshizo Watanabe launched the current capital campaign to build the culinary center.

The TWCCC capital campaign continues with 100% of the JACCC Board of Directors financial support to bring this exciting project to fruition.


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